Salem InfoTech helps the Transportation and Logistics industry overcome these challenges with its robust digital and cloud technology solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our Transportation mobile solutions to our clients all over the world. Through our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in Digital, IoT, cloud Infrastructure Transportation and Logistics Management, Salem InfoTech touches every aspect of the transportation & logistics business delivering high value for its clients.

This facilitates bidding by transport owners for a Particular job raised as a request by a customer. The product then achieves route mapping between the customer needs and transport partner.

In this domain, Salem Infotech builds and handles customized client solutions for their partner management, inventory management, distribution and production management. Products and solutions offered to clients so far also dealt with route mapping between customer needs and transport partner’s course of movement. Order management was also offered to clients to help create and incorporate the schedule for transport partners.

Offered Clients