Over the last 18 years, Salem Infotech has evolved into one of the premier product engineering and information technology providers in the US and India, with ambitions for the rest of the world. Salem Infotech. was founded in 2002 in Herndon, Virginia, and operates globally with an offshore focus on the UK, India, and Singapore. Salem Infotech has a worldwide head count of more than 90 representatives serving clients across 3 continents. Salem Infotech can provide Global Delivery and 24/7 coverage for its clients, when needed.

Corporate Philosophy - Grow with Clients

Salem Infotech’s corporate philosophy is centered around quality and service delivery to our clients as our primary objectives. Our staff are empowered to make decisions quickly and onsite, and are result driven. Executive staff backup every project to provide leadership, guarantee quality, and ensure that deliverables are aligned with the assignment scope. Since majority of our revenues come from returning clients, we have been successful in growing with our clients. As their needs have grown, they have returned to work with Salem Infotech repeatedly because they have first-hand knowledge of our quality and commitment.

Our Business Formula

Initiate | Ideate | Innovate

Backed with very strong SaaS/Cloud Computing consulting experience, our Global Delivery model never ceases to help increase productivity, decrease implementation costs and reduce time to market for our client ventures. We at Salem Infotech strive hard to support end-to-end processes and deliver business value catering to the unique requirements of clients including time and resource.

Salem Infotech has set up strategic Centers of Excellence to focus on emerging technologies and domains that are critical to our clients.

CRM Center of Excellence - Salesforce

Cloud Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence - MuleSoft - Integration as a service