T-IAS is Enterprise grade proprietary solution from Salem Infotech caters to the requirements of Industrial automation by leveraging on IOT platform

Implentation Approach

Pilot driven – Workflow mapping – Extensible framework -Future proof

Building Blocks

Elemental level

Embedded systems - control systems, PLC, PID, Sensors (Analog/Digital), SCADA, Distributed Computer Systems (DCS) – RFID Tags

Network level

Serial connectivity (RS232), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 802.1X, Radio Frequency (Frequency ranges as agreed by IEEE) – ZigBee – COAP- MQTT – AMQP - XMPP – Core networks (satellite, fiber, cellular, dedicated)

Data level

UDR – DB – EXCEL – MRF - proprietary

Application level

HTML5 – CSS3 – JavaScript – Templates – Controllers – API’s

Presentation level

Mobile – Web – Email – SMS – Chat

Access level

Enterprise Users – Stake holders – Vendors – Partners - Customers